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Last update 30/09/13
Next show SELWG 13th October 2013
 Slight increases in postal costs due to rising Royal Mail costs..
Due to a change in circumstances the hand made buildings are currently unavailable, drop me an email if your interested in them as i can still do them but there will be a long turnaround!

I've have had a small increase in the Premium price, due to the amount of extra time taken with these figures.          

Wilson's Miniatures is a UK based Wargames figure painting service, with over 30 years experience in wargaming and painting and now entering my 10th year of full time figure painting. All figures are painted by myself, Neil Wilson, and are not passed on to other painters, guaranteeing a consistent standard of finish.
I offer well painted figures for all scales at very competitive prices and with an average turnaround of 8-10 weeks from receipt of the unpainted figures, depending on the size of the commission.
I can be contacted by email at Wilsonsminiatures@sky.com , by telephone or the address below.
Payment can be made by cheque ( drawn on a UK bank only please ) or by Paypal upon completion of the commission. If the figures required need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer, I will require payment for the cost of these in advance.
Due to popular demand, I am now offering 2 standards of painting, BASIC (wargames standard) and PREMIUM (display standard). I do NOT charge extra for detailed uniforms, camouflage etc.
PRICE LIST (not including cost of figure)
                                         Basic Standard           Premium Standard
25/28mm foot              £3.00               £5.00
25/28mm mounted           £5.00               £8.00
25/28mm artillery         £3.00               £5.50
20mm foot                 £1.75               £3.00
20mm mounted              £2.50               £4.50
20mm artillery            £2.00               £3.50
15mm foot                 £1.25               £2.25
15mm mounted              £2.00               £3.50
15mm artillery            £1.50               £2.50
10mm foot                 £0.50               £1.00
10mm mounted              £0.80               £1.50
10mm artillery            £0.50               £1.00
20mm vehicles from £4.00
15mm vehicles from £2.50
10mm vehicles from £1.50
Basing (if required) 15% of order price
p&p   UK 10% of total price (min. £4.00 max £10.00)
p&p World-wide 15% of total price (min. £4.00 max £15.00)
10% discount on any orders over £500
Although I do not usually charge for assembling figures and vehicles, there is a 50p per figure charge for gluing together multi-part plastic figures and a 10% charge for FOW vehicles due to the time needed to assemble.
Other scales, vehicles and larger items will be quoted for on an individual basis. Please contact me for details.

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I also trade on Ebay, feel free to read my feedback!! Ebay ID: Wilsonsminiatures


Wilson's Miniatures, Neil Wilson, 16 Barnaby Close, Dereham
Norfolk, NR19 1PG.   TEL: 01362 691857
EMAIL: wilsonsminiatures@sky.com